June 25, 2024

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Vivo S1 With Extraordinary Features

Vivo S1 Full Review- One of the Most Elegant and Stylish Smartphone -

The smartphone market is flooded with many high-end smartphones, such as the famous brand, Vivo. However, the most popular smartphone on the market is Vivo S1. This smartphone is the perfect match for busy working people due to its advanced features who want to do work anywhere on their mobile.

The presence of a triple camera on a middle-class cellphone has been a trend since 2019. No wonder the Vivo S1 also carries the same design for the rear body. The main camera is handed over to a 16 MP lens with f / 1.78 aperture.

The two supporting cameras that are provided have different functions. The 8MP ultra-wide camera functions to get images with a wider object range of up to 120 degrees. Shooting groups in large numbers is no longer a problem.

While the 2 MP camera functions to be able to produce a bokeh effect, aka blur. Various features can also be used. For example, the Pro mode can make the user active manually like a professional camera.

While on the front camera, Vivo has a 32 MP lens housing with f / 2.0 openings on the bangs. The immersed large sensor is also equipped with an artificial intelligence AI Beauty feature that can produce more stunning photos.

The results of the rear or front camera do not disappoint. Even in low light conditions, the quality has decreased. To record a video, the results can be said to be good enough.

The interesting thing about this smartphone is its ability to function properly even in terms of performance at once. However, if you are planning to buy a smartphone yourself, it is important to consider several factors before deciding which smartphone to buy.