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Search Engine Optimization Tips To Help You Increase Your Website Rankings  - fuze

If you really want web users to frequent your website, you’ll have to take the time to fine-tune your SEO practices.  Good SEO practices weaved within your website design will drive more organic traffic through your pages for a more visible presence online. 

The success of your business website largely depends on your ability to draw interest through your design.  Check out a quick look at some search engine optimization tips for your website, and start refining your design today.  

Choose the right domain and keywords

When you pick the domain name for your website, you should choose a name that is relevant to your brand.  Think short and to the point.  This business that primarily sells firearms and accessories chose a domain name that makes perfect sense.    

You also want to make sure you have a primary keyword for your business within the domain name.  What word do you want to have an impact on your ranking status?  The keyword you choose should reflect the words users will most likely enter into their search query.  

Optimize your build for speedy loading 

The loading speed of your pages is a critical factor when you are working on your search engine optimization.  It’s easy to frustrate users when your pages take forever to load.  

Just a matter of seconds can in lag can lose your business the chance at a conversion.  You can certainly get away with a slow-loading site, but you won’t ever reach your full digital potential.  

Link to other relevant websites

Some site designers have worked hard to avoid linking other relevant sites, because they don’t want to divert possible conversions.  However, challenge yourself to hold quality higher than your need to isolate your business.  

Adding good relevant links to your website’s pages will provide better information and support for your visitors.  Focusing on giving users exactly what they need will get you further in the game.  

Write for humans first 

If you are adding a blog to your website pages, it’s important that you focus on writing for humans more than writing for the search engines.  Keyword loading will be to your detriment when it comes to search engine rankings.  

Writing a genuinely quality blog post that actually teaches readers something will get you much further than an awkward concoction of words.  

See what Google sees 

Analyzing the performance and look of your website is a key part of overall optimization.  See what Google sees by using a special plugin called Yoast.  Yoast will provide valuable feedback on your content and a clear look at how well you worked your SEO skills within the design of your website pages.  

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