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From various data and sources, one of which is Counterpoint Research, which revealed that the Buy iPhone 12 pro is the best-selling 5G technology smartphone in the world today. Amazingly, the iPhone 12 pro was just released globally two months ago, in 2020.

Counterpoint says there are several factors to the success of iPhone 12 sales, namely the high latent demand for 5G upgrades, especially on the base iOS. In addition, there are massive operator promos, especially in the United States, which account for more than a third of current iPhone 12 and 12 Pro sales.

Not only the US, the Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and Indian markets also started the initial massive iPhone 12 pro demand. iPhone 12 pro has a wider market coverage, available in more than 140 countries. Compare that to most of the other 5G models, which are present regionally. This makes the iPhone 12 pro reach 16 percent of the total global market.

Counterpoint predicts demand for iPhone 12 pro will remain strong until the end of 2020, especially during the holiday season. Due to the delay in launch, some of the sales will be pushed over to the following months, thus keeping the momentum of the iPhone 12 pro series in early 2021 as well. Counterpoint also noted that the iPhone 12 pro will drive investment in the faster mmWave 5G variant which is important for Apple’s future plans.

iPhone 12 pro also gives a boost to mmWave; iPhone 12 and 12 Pro for US are able to support mmWave.