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Top Beautiful Roads in The World 

Top Beautiful Roads in The World 


A lot of people like long drives on beautiful roads to refresh them. Long drive is considered a well cherished experience throughout the world. The real beauty of a long drive is the changing scenes of roads and the beauty of the surroundings from which the drive is passing through.

The sense of peace and the experience of maximum pleasure can be attained by having a long drive on beautiful roads. These roads also provide the solitude for peace of mind. And everyone can enjoy their solitude walking, running or driving on these kinds of roads which are considered the most beautiful roads on the earth.

Following is a list of the most beautiful roads in the world.

  1. Amalfi Coast in Italy 

This road is considered the most beautiful road in the world. UNESCO has declared this road once the most prestigious road in the world. Its name was Strada Statale and it was more than 163 km. The navigation on this road is very complicated and mysterious.

 A lot of beautiful places and spots enhance the beauty of this road. Natural vistas and the beautiful villages on this road also add some extraordinary beauty to this road. But sometimes you can face some hurdles on this road too. While renovating the road the asphalt paving services also add some extraordinary beauty to this road2.

  1. Great Ocean Road in Australia 

Great Ocean Road in Australia is also an extraordinary beauty. It runs along the coastal line. The scenes on this road can easily mesmerize you. The wild drive on this road is considered as one of the best drives of the word. Except for some excavation projects, this road is full of marvelous and natural limestone. It makes you ecstatic and euphoric. You will remember the drive forever which you have done on this road. 

  1. Karakoram Highway in Pakistan And China 

Karakoram Highway is one the highest road in the world. This road connects Pakistan to China and it passes from the beautiful mountains and valleys. These mountains and valleys make this road a patch of paradise on the Earth. This road covers more than 800 miles. The points on this road are stunning and catch the attention of people.

Covering some of the most rugged terrain around, including a glacial landscape, and keeping in mind ascend, it is no wonder that it took twenty years to establish the Karakoram Highway. Nevertheless, with the views being those of the glaciers within the Karakoram Mountains just before entering China, even the workers must have enjoyed the vistas, for the expanse of the sights that open up to tourists today, make it worth the tough ride. 

There are many other roads on this earth which are examples of their own Beauty but the reds mentioned here are exceptional. These roads are miracles. Travelers have been exploring these roads through history and books have been written on these roads till now. You can feel and enjoy the beauty of these roads by traveling on these roads.