May 24, 2024

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Pay Per Install Affiliate Programs – Do They Make You Quick Profits?

Pay per install affiliate programs have had a rough history. In the past they used to be linked to Adware and Spyware being installed to user’s computers and still are. However they are a great way to earn some extra revenue quickly and easily from the Internet.

Pay per install programs can work with pdf reports, software programs or videos that you have created. Whenever someone installs the program, software or report from your website, you get paid a commission. In that sense, they work like Pay per action affiliate programs. Whether you are a publisher or a software developer, there is a way for almost every Internet businessperson to include Pay per install affiliate programs in their business model.

The first issue in choosing a pay per install affiliate program is whether it pays to your country. Some affiliate programs only limit payment to certain countries. You should be able to check on this when you sign up.

Like any other affiliate program you sign up for, you also want to make sure it has good reporting technology. This way you can keep track of your statistics and your progress.

The way to promote your installation link is just like how you would promote any other website or offer. You can use ‘answers’ websites to refer your program, or post in forums and discussion boards. Another way to promote these programs is to submit your software to software and shareware directories around the web.

Many pay per install affiliate programs still work with Adware and Spyware. I advise avoiding those programs as most people do not like having something spying on their activities on their computer!