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Organize Personal Web Browsing For Better Time Usage

Organize Personal Web Browsing For Better Time Usage

Having multiple websites that are often visited, can take time to find the site or require keeping a list of web addresses handy. Web browser history can get long if it is used to keep site locations. Then there are those internet searches that take time to find the desired result and may have to be run multiple times before the research is complete. What can be done to save time on the web? Having a choice of options to help save time running searches and finding site addresses may help to save time in the future.

If the same websites are often visited, then bookmark those websites rather than keeping a URL (uniform resource locater – a.k.a. website address) list somewhere. Use the bookmark feature in the web browser (or Add to Favorite in IE) to save the URLs with a relevant name for quick access. Another alternative is to find a social book marking site to hold all the favorite pages. Look for a book marking site that best meets personal needs for scanning and reading ease. When book marking URLs, either bookmark the web site home page or the page that is to be referenced the most within the website.

If multiple search engines are required in research, either switch to a meta-search site that checks multiple search engines or create a folder in bookmarks/favorites to hold the preferred search URLs for quick access. Two well-known meta-search engines are metacrawler.com and mamma.com. Many search engines will offer search suggestions to narrow the results when typing a request for data. Take advantage of these suggestions to get more focused results. Some search engines will maintain a temporary a history of recent searches so they can be repeated later. This can be helpful when interrupted during an internet research project. Typically the history is deleted after the browser is closed.

If several blogs or news sites are regularly reviewed, either set them all up to show together under a specific account at a site like technorati.com or if the news site offers a free RSS (Really Simple Syndication)feed take advantage of that option. Both options will return the latest information instantly via an RSS feed reader or to the account on a specified site. Depending on the code set-up on the site for RSS feed or subscription, updates may go directly from the site to email, to another website, or will require a compatible RSS feed reader for instant display. Using RSS means no more constantly revisiting a web site to see updates. RSS options save both time and keystrokes.

As well as saving time, using the above site review or search options keeps browser history clean and short. When it comes to time management, make the right choice for internet searches to both reduce and focus research results.