More Traffic to My Landing Pages – What Is the Best Strategy

Landing Page Optimization: Best Practices, Tips, Tools

The sole purpose of landing pages is to drive leads and conversions. According to the definition by Unbounce, a landing page is a standalone web page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. Additionally, they are designed to create a call-to-action audience in digital campaigns. 

However, driving those conversions cannot be done without traffic, so you’d have to first send visitors or an audience to your landing page before a conversion can be made.

This article outlines various easy methods and procedures of driving traffic to landing pages without burning a hole in your pocket. 

1. Create Compelling Referral Content

Everybody wants to be convinced before taking up or buying a product or service, so you must present well-written content that conveys the message your brand represent. It is also essential to restrict content optimization to your landing pages and optimize content in the referrals and ads that drive visitors to your landing pages. 

A lot of information is good, but essential binge information is even better. The content should provide the information required to engage your reader’s attention. Yet, there should be carefulness to not overwhelm, frustrate or even confuse them. 

There are ways of writing landing page content that converts after visitors visit your site. One of the best ways is that a landing page content should be appealing to the customer’s needs. To that effect, your landing page content should emphasize the advantages of your products and services and not the features. 

Another way is to search online for “best SEO agency near me”. An SEO will assist you in writing these types of content.

2. Partnering with Influencers 

Influencers are social media experts that have amassed huge followings, especially in special networks. You can broaden your advertising reach by collaborating with them. There is no dispute that people tend to trust suggestions from individuals more than from businesses. With this, these influencers could suggest your products and services on their social media platforms and encourage their followers to use your brand.

Another way to spice it up is by giving discounts to people who patronize your business advertised by the influencers. This, in turn, would be relayed by the influencer you are working with to their followers and is sure to generate traffic on your landing page.

3. Use Social Media 

Social media these days is a powerful tool for marketing your products and services. Engage your followers by posting high-quality content that addresses your intended audience’s likes, preferences, and possible problems. Also, create a working posting schedule which you will commit to as this will help to build consistency and momentum. Friendliness and availability are other ways to get your followers’ attention on social media. Replying to comments and messages will make them feel comfortable and eager to patronize your services.

Consider looking online for a “local SEO company near me”. Once you’ve found one, they will help you in advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in addition as well.

Many of these social platforms offer excellent targeting capabilities that can help you connect with interested and engaged consumers as soon as possible. Facebook and Instagram are well-known for their Audience Insights tools, which allow you to go deep into consumer demographics to better identify who is most likely to engage and connect with your company.

4. Use search engine marketing extensively

The usage of search engine marketing is one of the most efficient ways of generating traffic on your landing page. Paid searches or pay-per-click advertising works best for publishers who want a fair chance at a top placement. This process involves the creation of ads that show up on search result pages. When using Google, for instance, especially when searching for certain products and services, the first three to four results that pop on the screen are ads. This is a result of search engine marketing. Brands who seek to use this tool have bid on competitive keywords to secure these positions. Consequently, these ads drive traffic back to the brand’s website at a specific rate per click.

If all these sound too technical, you could hire a digital marketing agency by looking online “local digital marketing agency near me”.

5. Interactions in comment sections and forums

Interacting with users in various spots across the web, such as social media posts, blog comment sections, and forums like Quora, is one of the ways to build relationships and, ultimately, traffic on your site.

If you are in Columbus, Ohio, for instance, you can hire a Columbus digital marketing company to post content with genuine value and not just use the avenue for spamming. You are likelier to get more results if you contribute to the conversation than bombarding them with links to your landing page without adding meaningfully to the discussion.

6. Launch email newsletters

According to a 2019 Adobe survey, users spend an average of five hours daily checking their email. Consider this: an email is where you interact with your boss, coworkers, relatives, and friends. Therefore, it should not be absurd to propagate that this same email can be an effective tool for brands to reach customers and drive traffic back to their landing pages.

Simply use a short subject line that stands out in a crowded inbox and does not look so much like the spam that the user’s email service provider gets cut off. Marketing emails, like landing pages, should have a single focus, with a clear message and a clear call to action.

7. Thank You Pages

Thank you pages are used when someone has already completed an offer. They suggest one or more related offers that they might be interested in. These do not always have to be landing pages. While nurturing the relationship between you and your customer, linking to informational blog posts that align with the visitor’s persona can make them feel special and keep your brand current and relevant. A follow-up email is another way of achieving this.

8. Writing on Guest Blogs

Spreading the word about your offers could be as simple as writing a guest post on another blog that your target customers could be reading. Even as you don’t want to make the entire post about your offers, which would make it yet another boring advertisement – a cleverly placed call to action might very well drive a new batch of traffic your way.

9. Create Capturing Call-to-actions

Using calls to action effectively – on your blog, emails, and social media – is vital for driving traffic to your landing pages and as a core component of an inbound marketing strategy. Nevertheless, if the content and design of these calls to action are compelling, your results will be less than desired. Keep testing everything from your headlines to the format of your content to see what works best for your target audience.

The best way to choose the landing page advertising that will work for you and your business is to analyze your target audience. Yes, you have to consider your budget, time, etc., but the propelling factor remains your audience.

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