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Key to stronger strategy is using data for insight, Scott Hirsch CEO says. – Tech Network

Key to stronger strategy is using data for insight, Scott Hirsch CEO says.

DELRAY BEACH, FL, September 27, 2021 — Marketing without clarity feels like a shot in the dark to many business owners. Even marketing professionals can feel overwhelmed by the amount of data available and the digital marketing possibilities. Recently, Scott Hirsch CEO and entrepreneur explained how digital marketing experts can use data and technology more effectively.

Scott Hirsch CEO started developing digital direct marketing in 1991 for Lens Express, creating their website in 1995. He has been a digital development evangelical for 20 years, founding eDirect and selling it for $135 million in 2002. In 2008, he became Scott Hirsch CEO and co-founder of DigDev, a boutique digital direct marketing firm. He unveiled Appsbar in 2011 as the first of its kind to help users build fully functional apps with no direct technical experience.

With his vast experience in the changing demand for data and technology, Scott Hirsch CEO of Media Direct says staying on top of the newest tools and trends is crucial for success. He explains companies should establish proven methods for gathering, reading and applying information based on their data.

Establish goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) – Without a clear vision of desired change, it is hard to create a strategy. First and foremost, Scott Hirsch CEO and entrepreneur says a plan is needed to clarify intent and pinpoint the metrics critical for success.

Track all channels – Some channels are easier to track than others, but Kirsch says a multi-channel approach is necessary to get a clear picture of marketing activity. Recently, Google Data Studio has made multi-channel metric tracking and reporting easier, Scott Hirsch CEO says.

Pursue reliable and accurate data – Bad data can provide inaccurate conclusions and cause a false sense of success or failure. Hirsch says accuracy and non-biased data reading are just the first steps to avoiding assumptions that skew results.

Align action with data – Surprisingly, marketing professionals don’t always use their data to change their approach. It can be easy to get caught in a rut, Scott Hirsch CEO explains. According to him, marketing professionals and brand owners have to be ready to change their approach based on what the data tells them.

Practice agility – Shifting directions can be challenging for a brand but is necessary in a world that changes so rapidly. Brands who want to survive—much less thrive—have to be ready to change their entire company strategy if needed.

“Big brands are pouring their resources into understanding the audience and market with big data,” says Scott Hirsch CEO and digital development evangelical. “The tools are there for SMBs too, but they have to understand how important leveraging data and technology is for their growth. This takes time, manpower and money—which SMBs have to budget carefully. But, when used correctly, the result is worth it because you get a much stronger and better-informed strategy.”