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High-Paying Freelance Writer Jobs in Demand Right Now

There are many types of freelance writer jobs — technical, medical, legal, etc. As niche writing is the way to go if you want to be a freelance writer, one of the hottest niches around right now is internet marketing. Within this niche, you’ll find several sub-niches that offer high-paying freelance writing gigs, and a lot less competition. Following are three.

3 Hot Freelance Writer Job Niches in Internet Marketing

All of the following writer jobs have one thing in common — the copy is written to attract a specific group of prospects.

SEO Writer Jobs: These are commonly referred to as keyword-rich articles and SEO copy. The reason is, the copy tends to be written around a specific keyword phrase. For example, if your client sold ethnic art like mudcloth wall hangings, African pottery and African paintings, some of the keyword phrases you would use in the article are “ethnic art,” “African art” and “ethnic pottery.”

All you’d do is write a 350-500 word article (the length of most keyword-rich articles) for your client’s website, newsletter, blog, etc.

These type of writer jobs require skill to make the article interesting, yet at the same time weave the keyword phrase throughout so that search engines find the client’s site on the web. A skilled SEO copywriter does this type of work, typically earning from a low of $15 on up to $200 or more per article.

Most SEO writer jobs like this pay in the $25-$50 range for a 350-500 word article.

Pay Per Click Ads: Pay-per-click ads are those ads in the bar on the right side of the page you see when you conduct a search on Google, for example.

Companies pay freelance writers skilled in composing these little ads a mint for their services. For really, the less copy used, the more skilled a writer has to be. And, this is why this type of writing job demands a high rate. Furthermore, learning to write these ads requires knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), as well as the ins and outs of internet marketing overall.

Landing Pages: A landing page is the page a person “lands” on when they click a pay-per-click ad, for example.

Landing pages can be long or short. If you’ve ever landed on a page that was like a really long sales letter, then you’re familiar with a landing page. Most are written like this to mirror a TV infomercial. The reason this style is so popular is that it works. But, there are many elements to it, which is why it requires a skilled writer intimately familiar with internet and online marketing.

Despite the fact that these freelance writer jobs are specialized, all of them can be learned quite easily. Many freelance writing professionals simply don’t take the time to learn. But if you do, you will land clients quicker — and be able to charge a premium for your specialized knowledge.

And the best part of these writer jobs? They make perfect work from home jobs.