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A map of the metaverse: Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition

A map of the metaverse: Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition

Welcome to Hashtag Trending, the Weekend Edition with your host Jim Like.

Earlier this year we did a series on the Metaverse for yet another podcast series I host with my colleague Doug Sparkes called  a “Deeper Dive.”  That sequence is even now perfectly worth listening to in its entirety, but more than earlier weeks I have been considering a large amount about 1 unique episode we termed a “map of the metaverse(s)”

We took the thought from the book Snowcrash, wherever the time period metaverse was initial utilized. In that e book, there had been multiple nations around the world or city states every with their personal principles. They had there have citizenship and guidelines. A lot of of them were being run by companies or eccentric wealthy folks who were being the “dictators” who ruled these worlds. Audio familiar?

You could vacation involving them but you did so at some hazard. They were being tribal and normally handled immigrants and travellers with suspicion and at times with hostility.

The concept in the reserve was so near to what we observed emerging in the metaverse as it was unfolding IRL (in real lifestyle).  We saw a competitive established of contenders all seeking to construct a stake in the new metaverse(s).  So I assumed, what if I described the emerging metaverse as if it was a earth and we could map out the the various wannabe metropolis states.

The end result was this episode.  I hope you are going to discover it attention-grabbing.  It may possibly assistance make conceptual  feeling of some of the things that are rising here and now.

Just one last take note.  There are a number of content emerging now that speak about how the metaverse is failing, how Zuckerberg is dropping hundreds of billions or how the metaverse has grow to be what sports icon Yogi Berra mentioned about dining places in New York. “Nobody goes there due to the fact it’s way too crowded.”

We required to skirt equally the posture of the true believer and the cynic. In our viewpoint, the metaverse is unavoidable. What kind it usually takes or in our parlance, what country or alliance of nations get is not.

Take pleasure in!

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