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World’s First Marketing AI Built to Understand Emotion Raises Over $1,000,000 in its First Week

RAD AI gives enterprise companies the opportunity to connect authentically with diverse digital audiences at scale, revolutionizing the $120B marketing technology industry.

LOS ANGELES, April 07, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rad Intelligence (RAD AI), a marketing technology company that created the world’s first AI marketing platform with emotional intelligence, launched a community investment round on Wefunder last week. RAD, a venture-backed company with Fortune 500 clients is choosing to invite retail investors – who would ordinarily only get access after an IPO – to invest. The investment round has already raised over $1,000,000 just in its first week of being live.

RAD’s AI can be used on written, still images and video content to deliver authentic marketing tailored to modern audiences across the globe. RAD’s AI uses historical performance analytics and public data from search, social and publishing content to detect the best form of marketing needed to communicate authentically with millions of customer profiles. This enables companies to create high-performing social media posts, blogs, captioned videos, and paid media ads, effectively targeting each desired audience persona. RAD’s technology is built on $20M of R&D by Atomic Reach, a marketing technology company RAD acquired in 2021.

The CEO of RAD, Jeremy Barnett says, “We’re raising from retail investors for this round because I truly believe that this is the future of fundraising. We’re democratizing access to investment opportunities that are typically only reserved for accredited investors and institutional funds. I’m proud that our community is moving towards leveling the playing field for all investors.”

RAD’s mission is powered by a world-class team of seasoned founders who have scaled companies to $30M+ in annual recurring revenue. They have also collectively brought 5 companies to exit across multiple verticals.

With breakthrough AI and multi-year contracts with Fortune 500 companies, RAD is poised to eliminate the $75B of marketing dollars spent and wasted on bad marketing every year. RAD is also backed by well-known venture funds including Expert Dojo, MaRS Seed Fund, and Fidelity Investments.

The RAD community investment round is available on Wefunder and is open to accredited and non-accredited investors.

To learn more about RAD and its mission, as well as how to invest, please visit https://wefunder.com/rad.

About RAD
Rad Intelligence (RAD AI) is the world’s first AI built to understand emotion, then deliver prescriptive marketing authenticity to diverse audiences globally. The company’s AI uses historical performance, search, social and publisher data to detect the best form of marketing needed to communicate authentically with millions of customer profiles. Enterprise brands use RAD AI to create high-performing social media posts, captioned videos, blogs, emails and paid ads. Today, the company’s client base consists of Fortune 500 brands and companies across the travel, Web3, entertainment, and healthcare industries.


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