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What Is Web Hosting and Its Types? A Beginner’s Guide

What is web hosting? Complete guide for beginners - GoDaddy Blog

Building a credible online presence and taking your business live on the internet to reach maximum potential customers. 

And the way you can make your website and its content accessible to the internet is through web hosting. Thus, your website can’t be on the World Wide Web without a web hosting in NZ service. 

As the number of websites and blogs grows, the demand for web hosting services is increasing, making it critical to understand the basics of web hosting and its types. As a result, the global web hosting market is anticipated to grow to $267.10 billion by 2028, at 18% CAGR. 

In this blog, we’ll see exactly what web or website hosting is, its types, and which web hosting service best suits your business. Let’s go!

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an online solution that allows you to host or publish your website or application online. 

A web hosting provider lets you host your website on a computer system called the web server. Thus, whenever you sign up for a web hosting solution, you rent some allocated space on a physical server to store all your website’s data and applications. 

Once a user enters your site’s domain name into their browser, the web hosting provider’s server transfers all the data and necessary files required to load your website. 

While you can host your website yourself, it requires extensive technical knowledge and skills. Hence, choosing a credible web host or hosting provider is essential to ensure the optimal working of your website and high server uptime. 

To further ensure high credibility and uptime, you can also search for hosting providers in your country, like web hosting in NZ or New Zealand, to get customized web hosting services suitable for your geographical audience. 

What are the Types of Web Hosting?

With so many web hosting options available, choosing one that best suits your business needs is essential. 

Here are the types of web hosting services you can choose from for your website depending on your distinct web hosting and business needs. 

  1. Shared Hosting 

Shared Web Hosting is the best low-cost web hosting solution, where multiple users or websites share the same hosting space and server resources, like memory, storage space, and processing power. 

This makes Shared Hosting the most affordable and convenient web hosting solution for beginners. Another perk for beginners is that Shared Hosting doesn’t require advanced technical expertise or need for high maintenance.

However, once your site’s traffic grows, you can run out of Shared Hosting resources, making it mandatory to opt for a more reliable hosting service. 

  1. VPS Hosting 

Virtual Private Server Hosting is where the users share the same physical server. However, each user gets a private server to host websites with personal and dedicated hosting resources. 

It provides root access and customization abilities, requiring users to possess technical skills and expertise. 

VPS Hosting is ideal for small to medium sized organizations and businesses. 

  1. Cloud Hosting 

The Cloud Hosting solution uses a multi-server environment instead of a single server. As a result, it stores your website’s data and files on multiple servers, unlike traditional hosting, which uses a single server to host websites. 

This environment makes Cloud Hosting one of the most scalable, flexible, and secure web hosting solutions than other traditional web hosting solutions. 

  1. Dedicated Hosting 

The Dedicated Web Hosting service is an expensive web hosting service designating a single physical server for each website. 

Dedicated Hosting provides complete customization control, allowing you to configure your Dedicated Server per your specific needs. For example, you can choose your desired operating system or install third-party software and applications. 

Thus, Dedicated Hosting is a highly reliable option for large websites and businesses with enhanced technical skills and expertise. 

  1. eCommerce Hosting 

The eCommerce Hosting service is specifically designed for eCommerce stores and websites selling online products and services. 

It typically includes security measures (like SSL Certificates), shopping cart software, payment gateway integration, and customizable templates to build professional websites. 

Moreover, you can also seamlessly manage inventory, ship products, and process orders, making it a comprehensive hosting solution for eCommerce stores. 

  1. WordPress Hosting 

WordPress Web Hosting is a CMS hosting service that provides a WordPress-optimized server environment to ensure faster page loading speed and lower potential risks. 

It’s a beginner-friendly and budget-friendly hosting solution offering pre-installed WordPress plugins and themes. In addition, the best WordPress Hosting plans come with essential features like caching and security. 

  1. Managed Hosting 

Managed Web Hosting allows you to host your website on a credible VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated Server without the need to maintain your Hosting Server. 

In Managed Hosting, the web hosting provider handles server management, including taking regular backups, performing upgrades, ensuring high security and uptime, and more. 

This gives you more time to focus on your business and worry less about server management—making it an excellent option for companies with low technical skills. 


Choosing an ideal web hosting solution is one of the most crucial decisions for every business. But first, you must determine your web hosting needs and budget and choose the best hosting solution that matches your requirements. 

If you need further help, you can reach out to hosting providers in New Zealand to find website hosting in NZ that matches your business needs.