Tips For Making Your Website Accessible

How to Incorporate Accessibility in Your Website

Website acts as the window of business since people can see here what they do and what their products are. Therefore, making it user-friendly can increase viewers visiting our websites. Getting more viewers is equal to getting more customers, maybe not   people who will view your website will be your customer but the more traffic the higher chances of getting possible customers. The following information can give you tips for making your website accessible.

How Can I Make My Website More Accessible?

There are many factors to consider in making an accessible website such as types of audience, elements to use, software tools to be incorporated and many more. Here are some Tips on how to make your website accessible:

Make it Keyboard-Friendly 

Yes you read that right, maybe people are used to using a mouse every time they access websites but it would be more accessible if you make it keyboard-friendly. Using tabs can make this possible, so people who don’t have a mouse can still be able to browse your websites. 

Create Contents that are Easily Accessible 

Make dynamic contents, this means that your contents won’t keep reloading every time they open it. Pages that reload slowly will discourage viewers to open and will not resume if they notice that pages won’t open immediately. 

How Do I Make My Website Accessible To Screen Readers?

Images are important in building websites, that’s why most business owners prefer to hire web page developers to make their websites since they are more well-versed in making their websites accessible. In making websites there are software and techniques such as screen readers which is a form of assistive technology being used by the web developer to make each element function well. Putting alternative text for an image can make the image “readable” . Screen readers can also make it easier for people who are blind to recognize the image. So if you are wondering “How To Make A Website Accessible For The Blind?” then this is the answer to that question. Don’t forget to broaden the scope of your audience  and always consider those who are not able to see or read content of your web pages. 

How To Make A Website Accessible To Everyone?

Make sure to be considerate enough to adjust your website’s function according to the needs of all people normal or with special cases. 

Choose a good color 

There are people who are color-blind, and they may not be able to easily access your website if the color you choose is not suitable for them. For the right colors you can consult from your web designers the right one to place on your websites. 

Put Clear Labels 

Labeling your forms on your websites can be a good idea to attract more viewers, some people are not able to understand   they may tend to just leave immediately if they do not understand things they see in your websites. If viewers can easily follow what’s needed to be done then there would likely be more engagement in your web pages. 

Automatic Videos and Navigation is Not Recommended

Videos that suddenly play when you are looking on websites can be annoying so make sure that you don’t have this in your websites.  Instead, focus on elements that can motivate people to look further on your website contents. 

Use Accessibility Features 

Accessibility features examples include text-to-speech features which are useful for visually impaired people or ones with limited vision or closed-captioning which is helpful for deaf people. Don’t forget to include these features in your websites so everyone can access it. 
Custom Web Design Services can help you more on  learning tips for making your website accessible. They can guide you as well as work on your website to make it accessible for everyone. Your website is a representation of your company , including all features that can show you how you handle and approach your customers. You have to be flexible enough to reach out to everyone who can be a possible prospect in growing your business. Your viewers are not only possible customers, but they can also be possible business partners, so make your website as engaging as you can by making it user-friendly.

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