May 19, 2024

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How to Make Money Online Using Social Media Networks For Lead Generation and Website Traffic

Social media networks can make you a lot of money online when used correctly. Lead generation and website traffic are 2 very important factors for being successful and making money online. Using Social Media Networks such as Twitter and Facebook we can generate a whole bunch of leads within 30 minutes when you know how.

Twitter: I find that this technique for generating leads works very well and I believe it will continue to work well for a very long time. What I do is type for example GDI into the search box. These are people trying to promote the Global Domains International affiliate program. Most of these people actually have no clue how to get signups and have little or in most cases absolutely no downline. It is not their fault though, someone above them in the downline has told them how you just sign up and then go to a Social Media Network and promote it, some of us know better and that this doesn’t work.

What I will do is search for these GDI members and follow them. Before I follow them though I will put a new tweet up telling them where they can get some free information to start generating leads within GDI. They then can opt-in and receive the information while I am building a mailing list.

You can do this with any affiliate program you can think of though. You can follow people playing a popular game called FarmVille on Facebook. Most of you will have heard of it and probably play it yourself. Follow some people talking about FarmVille and levelling up on Twitter. They may be asking for help. You can go over to the ClickBank Marketplace and become affiliated with a FarmVille Strategy eBook that you can then make money off when they purchase.

Digg, Mixx, Reddit, HubPages, these are all very good social media networks. When you use a few of these together you can really start to see some increases in Website Traffic as they can all feed off one another. Once you know how to correctly use all of these Social Media Networks there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from being successful except if you choose not to take action.

The Internet has really progressed over the past couple of years and everyone is now interacting with one another on a whole new level. There are so many websites, pages going viral each and every day. Originality makes up for a lot of this. Just look at the masses of fans to particular groups on Facebook over the past year. Some of these groups have been started up and in under 24 hours had over 100,000 fans join.

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