September 23, 2023

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DIY Arduino Hearing Test Device


Listening to decline is a prevalent issue for quite a few – in particular individuals who may perhaps have attended much too many loud concert events in their youth. [mircemk] experienced just lately been for a listening to exam, and seen that the course of action was really quite easy. Armed with this know-how, he resolved to establish his possess examination system and document it for many others to use.

audiogram showing the results of the arduino hearing test device
Resultant audiogram from the product displaying every single ear in a distinctive colour

By employing an Arduino to develop tones of numerous stepped frequencies, and steadily rising the quantity until the check issue can detect the tone, it is attainable to plot an audiogram of hearing threshold sensitivity.  Testing each ear separately makes it possible for a comparison involving a person aspect and the other.

[mircemk] has crafted a nice miniature cabinet that holds an 8×8 matrix of WS2812 addressable RGB LEDs.  A 128×64 pixel OLED exhibit supplies person directions, and a rotary encoder with thrust-button serves as the consumer enter.

Of system, this is not a calibrated skilled piece of check machines, and a great deal will count on the good quality of the earpiece made use of.  Even so, as a way to test for gross listening to difficulties, and as an appealing experiment, it retains a good deal of guarantee.

There is even an extension, like a Class D audio amplifier, that will allow the use of bone-conduction earpieces to enable slim down the cause of hearing reduction even more.

There’s some extra facts on bone conduction here, and we have lined an intriguing optical stimulation cochlear implant, also.


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