December 2, 2022

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Dedicated IP Address vs Shared IP Address: Clearing Up the Myths

The Internet is a vast place with millions of interconnected servers that host numerous websites. Your website address is a unique identifier that makes it easy to identify among other sites. It is also known as the domain name. Like any house address, the right URL takes you to the right website. When you buy hosting you must register your domain name.

But servers use an IP (Internet Protocol) address which is a numerical label that’s assigned to each individual machine. Whether you use Linux web hosting or any other hosting plans, you must set up your DNS using your server’s IP address to connect everything as intended. There are two types of IP addresses;

  1. Dedicated IP Address
  2. Shared IP Address

You can choose either one while buying your web hosting. Let us clear up some myths associated with them.

1. Dedicated IP speeds up your website

A dedicated IP has only one website associated with it.  While it does have some benefits, speed is not necessarily one of them. Access to additional ports and control over CPU throttling are some of its benefits. It also provides easy access to your server via FTP.

2. IP address affects email reputation

A dedicated IP can be beneficial for those who send out bulk emails regularly. It helps search engines identify the bulk emails as a part of a legitimate service and not spam. If someone using an email over shared IP starts spamming, the IP address can get blacklisted and affect other websites or services using it. Otherwise, the type of IP address does not have any effect on email reputation.

3. Installing an SSL certificate needs a dedicated IP address

This was true once; you needed to buy a dedicated IP if you wanted to install and use an SSL certificate on your website. But now shared IP addresses work perfectly fine with SSL certificates which allows even websites on Shared Web Hosting to implement SSL security. Now you can even use Cloudflare’s shared IP address and ensure your privacy.

4. Shared IPs lower SEO performance

Some people firmly believe that a shared IP is detrimental to SEO efforts. The popular prevailing myth is that only a website using a dedicated IP gets recognition and ranking from a search engine. But Google’s Webmaster Guidelines do not differentiate between shared and dedicated IP addresses. Search engines rank your websites based on their performance and other optimisations.

5. Too many IP addresses exhaust resources

Although it is not recommended, a web server can support thousands of IPs without having any negative effects on resource consumption or the server’s stability. IPs consume a minuscule amount of system resources which has no real adverse effects.

Ultimately, the choice of IP depends completely on your website and its intended usage. For a new website on Windows or Linux hosting, a shared IP serves its purpose without facing any issues. We hope that we have cleared up the major myths surrounding IP addresses and made the distinction clear for a better choice.