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3 Things to Remember About Carrom before You Start Playing

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Well, the realm of sports is full of both indoor and outdoor sports. In indoor games, we have some great games that require the players to be attentive and learn specific skills. One such game is carrom! It is an exciting game which bears a remarkable resemblance to Billiards or Table Shuffleboard.

But instead of pool cues, you have to strike the carrom men with the striker. What makes carrom more interesting is the fact it can be played in singles and doubles formation. The singles formation comprises two players, whereas the double construction consists of four players. You can play carrom earn money online by improving your gameplay.

In other words, if you are just starting to play carrom, you need to learn the fundamental strategies. No doubt, the best way to learn the various tricks of the game is to watch someone playing the game from close angles. You can learn multiple aspects of the game by merely watching them play.

Quite interestingly, if you want to evolve as a better carrom player, you need to practice several types of finger positions. From hitting the coin to a straight cut, you should have good coordination with your fingers to gain the maximum points. So let’s take a glance at the top things a player should remember while starting to play carrom.    

Get Accustomed with the Board

Well, it would be impossible for you to strategize unless you are aware of the board symbols and significance of the carrom pieces. If carrom seems complicated to you, you should think of it as a game of finger billiards. Instead of balls, there are small playing pieces, also known as carrom men. Also, the carrom board comes equipped with a variety of markings. Ensure that you are aware of these markings to play carrom in an effective manner. Here are some points which would help you to understand the carrom board properly.

  • The carrom board should lie 60 to 70 centimeters above the ground.
  •  You would find a netted hole in each of the four corners of the board. In terms of shapes, you would find two foul lines. You can also find two concentric circles at the center of the board.
  • You would find rectangles on all the sides of the board. The players should place their strikers and shoot from the confines of these rectangles.    

Significance of Gripping and Angling the Striker

Well, carrom is a game of angles. If you have a better sense of angular striking, you can become a good player in no time. To play carrom earn money, you have to learn how to grip a striker. Always remember that the striker is the heavier piece among all the pieces on the board. If you are a beginner, you should practice gripping and hitting the striker before the game commences.

Note that you cannot master angular hitting unless you know fully well about gripping the striker. Also, ensure that you flick the striker instead of hitting it with full force. In online platforms, it is quite evident that you cannot grip a striker. But unless you grab it correctly, you cannot get the angles right. So it makes sense to practice with a carrom board before playing online.  

Awareness about the Carrom Pieces

In carrom, you would find that there is one red piece (also known as the queen) and nine pieces of white and black carrom men each. A majority of carrom playing platforms usually offer players with two strikers. But the number of strikers can go up to four as per the players. One player must concentrate on pocketing all the white pieces.

Similarly, the other player should concentrate on pocketing all the black pieces. It would help if you remembered that whichever player gets the queen wins. So if you want to emerge as a winner, it is essential for you to pocket the queen. To get the queen, you have to pocket one more carrom man as a cover.   

The more you play, the better you will get in carrom. Keep in mind the above things if you want to evolve as a better player.